REMINDER: If you are an APG owneryou have to list above 0.2 ETHfor free mints.

Alpha Pass-ion

This is your alpha. Alpha PASS-ion Genesis owners get the right of free mint at ALL our projects.

Upcoming Project

SKEBOYZ Free mint for Alpha Pass-ion Genesis holders.

Alpha is You

Alpha Pass-ion has its own creative team and compared to other Alpha teams we create all of our projects within our team.

Best advantage of this you can get the right to win free mint instead of WL from all of the projects.

Your Turn

If you are Genesis owner you have the right of word on the projects.

What does that mean?

You will be able to determine type of the category of the project ( 2D, 3D, animation, pixel etc), which blockchain will be preferred etc.

Two Projects Per Month

According to the project details minimum 2 projects are presented per month. If you are an APG owner, you have to list above 0.2 ETH for free mints.


Discord will be active only for APG holders.

We are tracking the minting results and Opensea listing statistics. See you soon.


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